Cover Duplication Process

If your cover is deemed not repairable then you should consider using our Duplication process. We can take your swimming pool safety cover and make a duplicate of it, so that your deck anchors line up and you do not need to do a new install of the cover. HOW IT WORKS Step 1 [...]

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What if my cover is not repairable?

If your cover is beyond repair or the cost to repair is just not a smart decision, then we suggest that you get a Duplicate Cover made.  Here is how that works.  We ship your cover to the manufacturer, they copy the exact design and layout of your existing cover and send you a [...]

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Can my swimming pool cover be repaired?

Typically if the cover is less than 7yr old we can make a repair.  The problem with covers that are older than 7 years is that they start to get what is called Thread Rot.  This is where the threading that is holding the cover together is starting to breakdown all over.  These covers [...]

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